This practical guide book will help you create rich media websites built using the Joomla! Content Management System.

The Joomla! 1.5 Multimedia book provides you with valuable information, techniques, and the discipline and knowledge to utilize Multimedia effectively within your website. It takes you beyond the basics of Joomla! and helps to take full advantage this powerful web content management software, to deliver media-rich web content.

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  • Learn how fonts, characters, and text affect your site visitors
  • Add and manage image content for maximum effect
  • Manage audio content and create and manage Podcasts
  • Collaborate with external resources eg; Youtube, Flickr, Twitter
  • Learn how Joomla! templates & scripts enhance experiences
  • Use video content effectively
  • Learn good practice multimedia accessibility techniques
  • Joomla! and the Mobile Web, Plus much more


Allan Walker grew up in New Zealand and now lives in the United Kingdom, where he runs a web and digital media development company called “Amplify”

In recent years, Allan has been involved with a number of large-scale Joomla! projects, helping to establish Joomla! within the UK government and corporate sectors.

Allan has been using Joomla! since its inception, has been a mentor for the 2009 Joomla! Google Summer of Code program, and is a member of the Joomla! Marketing Team.


Jose Argudo is a web developer from Valencia, Spain. After finishing his studies he started working for a web design company. Then, six years later, he decided to start working as a freelancer.

His desire to learn and share his knowledge has led him to be a regular reviewer of books from Packt, like Joomla! With Flash, Joomla! 1.5 SEO, Magento Theme Design, or Symfony 1.3 Web Application Development.

Joseph L. LeBlanc is a freelance Joomla! developer specializing in Joomla!, PHP, and JavaScript.

Joseph can be found teaching Joomla! classes and speaking at conferences. He has authored a book on Joomla! extension programming and a video series on using Joomla!.



Chapter 1, Getting Started With Joomla! Multimedia

Introduces you to multimedia, breaks down the main elements, and is an overview of some of the things to come in following chapters. Your Joomla! Content Management System has lots of great built-in multimedia capabilities, these enriched with third-party extensions can turn your basic Joomla! CMS into a media-rich interactive user experience.

Chapter 2, Managing Your Joomla! Media

Tells us that one of the most important tasks when using multimedia in our Joomla! websites is the ability to upload and manage the files on your web server. In this chapter, we look at using the built in Joomla! Media Manager, as well as alternative methods for managing your website media and files.

Chapter 3, Text, Characters, and Fonts in Your Joomla! Site

Shows that text (and the styling of it) is one of the most prominent media types that has been, and still is used in website pages. Although it’s such a major media element, web developers often pay little attention to this subject. In this chapter, we will highlight the use of fonts, characters, and text within your Joomla! site, and how we can not only change the site design by using another font typeface, but by doing so we can affect your site user’s overall experience.

Chapter 4, Adding and Managing Image Content

Will provide the assistance to help utilize image content effectively within your Joomla! website, whether you need to create multimedia image galleries in your Joomla! website, or simply add images to your articles and modules.

Chapter 5, Using Audio in Your Joomla! Website

Highlights the use of audio in your Joomla! website. You will learn how to include powerful audio features such as audio players and podcasting capabilities into Joomla!.

Chapter 6, Using Video in Your Joomla! Website

Highlights the use of video media within your Joomla! website. We look at the process of embedding video content into articles, creating and maintaining video podcasts, and the powerful video solutions that third-party Joomla! Extensions provide.

Chapter 7, Collaborating With External Sources

Talks about how sharing of information between popular external resources, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google, is an increasingly popular feature required by Joomla! users. Designed to extend the Joomla! Framework with new functionality, this chapter will look at the most popular collaboration extensions for Joomla! and the features they contain, as well as using good old fashioned HTML methods to embed external content into your site.

Chapter 8, Joomla! Templates and Multimedia

Describes how Joomla! Templates are the distinguishing factor between one Joomla! website looking just like the next. They contain the structural elements to display your Joomla! content, and deliver style and scripting information to the user’s web browser. This chapter is an overview of Joomla! Templates, how they work, and how they can affect the display of multimedia content in your Joomla! site. Learn how templates can enhance multimedia capabilities, as well as how they affect the way in which your Joomla! site is displayed on mobile web devices.

Chapter 9, Joomla! Multimedia Project

Follows a cookbook style approach as we build a multimedia packed Joomla! website from start to finish, throwing in some of the previously mentioned techniques, as well as some new tips and tricks for good measure.


Chapter 10, Joomla! Multimedia Project

Learn step by step how to rank your websites in search engines like Google with proven on page and link building techniques to make sure you are taking advantage of all the organic traffic your site can get. See reviews.

Appendix A, Installing Joomla! Extensions

Shows how installing extensions for Joomla! is an easy task, thanks to the design of extensions, and the Extension Manager tool that is included in Joomla!. It also shows us how to uninstall an extension.


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